I       Radiant



Here’s what people are saying about Radiant:


  • I really love our church!  I have been a believer 35 years, and in this church I have felt most comfortable and have grown tremendously.

  • I love who we are at Radiant!  The “living room” feeling in a gym!  The leadership is creating this comfort, and their listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit makes people want to learn more. Thank you for your example.

  • The church was initially defined by the people, and has become defined by a building and location.  Radiant has brought church back to its beginning—the people.

  • Thank you for how you seek to hear the

       Holy Spirit lead and make adjustments as

       He clarifies the unfolding vision. We love 

       the unity of Radiant.  Everyone has different

       gifts, but come together in love. We

       appreciate the elders and how supportive

       you are and open to input from the church


  • We hear over and over “This church is

       family to me.  It’s real.  You can be yourself.” 

       That’s our experience, too.  We feel so

       blessed to be part of this church.

  • John and Pam, thank you for being open

       to the Lord; for being so vulnerable and

       transparent and giving to all of us.

  • You make people feel loved and welcomed.  Our first visit felt like Home and like Family.

  • Leaders portraying servanthood is a beautiful and powerful witness & greatly needed.  The bottom-up approach is crucial to fuel visions rather than creating a program.

  • I look forward to coming to Radiant every Sunday.  I love the worship—true Holy Spirit led—the fellowship, breakfasts, John& Pam’s teaching, time for others to share.  I love that it is not a canned program–each time is different and spontaneous.  Love John’s enthusiasm and energy, Pam’s beautiful way of presenting things.  I feel at home at Radiant.

  • Thank you for openness & willingness to not doing things just because “we’ve always done it this way.”  For providing balance—needs of all ages are met.  For keeping the focus on Jesus.

  • You are doing God’s work and filling up our spirits—thank you.  We feel cared and heard.  We appreciate your humility.

  • Love & appreciate your heart for the Lord, desire to get feedback to accomplish God’s plan for us, your efforts to not settle or get stuck in a format, your heart to reach out to Radiant family & community.

  • Awesome job—love it here.  New and different, not institutional.  Alive.  Great, healthy balanced, dynamic.

  • Thank you for stepping out in faith and forming Radiant.  I’m thankful for spirit-filled fellowship.