What's up with a church

that meets in a gym?


Let’s face it, a lot of people feel spiritually empty these days. 

Whether you’ve been off the spiritual scene for a while or you find

yourself hung up on traditional religion, you’re definitely not alone.


That’s why we’ve created a community called Radiant A Jesus Church.


We believe there is a big difference between religion and a relationship with God, and between church buildings and belonging to a church of Jesus followers.  We seek to be a place where  wounds from the past are healed, life’s questions are addressed, and significant purpose in this world is experienced as we hear His voice together and go into our world—locally and globally– with His Message.


At Radiant, we don’t just go to church, we are the church.


The mission of Radiant is to cultivate an authentic Christian community that empowers people to genuinely love God and love others.


If you live in or near Gresham Oregon, or are willing to make a trip out here, and are looking for a new Christian church

to call your home please visit us during one of our gatherings! You can come just as you are, no need to wear a suit and tie unless you feel like it.


“Jesus is the RADIANCE of God’s glory”

- Hebrews 1:3